Obaroo Solution

Obaroo is a mobile application and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to order healthy and balanced meals online. The consumer is presented with smart healthy food options and on-demand delivery based on artifical intelligence (AI) and IoT with sensor technology (ST).

100% free

Obaroo will be 100% free to use.

Made with love

Everything we provide through Obaroo app, platform is made for you with love.

Health At First

We provide healthy food on time providing you with heatlh based foods

App Screenshots

Our app is intuitive, smart and easy to use



Sign-up to order food

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Suggested foods

Pick the food you like to eat

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Choose delivery and payment option

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Obaroo app will come with varities features to bring healthy food at your door at no-time

App & Platform

Obaroo will provide android and iOS apps and SaaS platform.

Smart Food Presentation

Smart meal presentation with AI and IoT with ST

Health Trend Food

Obaroo will provide personalised heathy food

Smart On-Demand Trend

Obaroo will bring extended knowledge with a robust infrastructure for small food retailers to respond to on-demand trends

For Businesses

A rich deep data driven platform for businesses to accelrate profit and growth

100% Deep Learning

Obaroo platform will provide in-depth analytics to business owners based on consumers purchase trends

Healthy Food Targeted Audiences

Obaroo platform will provide in detail analytics for healthy food targeted audiences

Platform for reaching unreachable customers

Obaroo will help business owners to capture unreachable audiences through smart data analysis and location tracking tools

Growth guaranteed

Using Obaroo platform business owners will have great advantages to target specific audiences, identifying best sold menus, in depth sales trends on daily basis

Super Simple Platform

Obaroo platform will be super simple for businesses owners - it will not take more than ten mintues to set up the business profile, menus

Friendly Instant Support

Obaroo platform will provide instant friendly support for business owners - 24/7

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